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Golden Nugz 01.04.11

A new year but things don't seem to be any different in Gopher sports. More drama out of Dinkeytown. This from Myron over at the STrib.

Last month, Smith said he felt relaxed this season after last year's troubles. Transfers, legal issues and academic challenges created a storm of controversy for the fourth-year coach off the court.

Devoe Joseph is currently suspended and is rumored to be transferring.

Multiple persons with knowledge of the situation told the Star Tribune that Joseph missed a weekend practice and recently informed the program he might transfer to another school.

"Devoe wasn't at practice for the last couple of days, but that's the only issues that we've had so far," Smith said. "He's working on some things he's got to work on ... It could be [long-term]."

We can argue the value of Devoe Joseph to this team but losing a double-digit scorer, a guy who is capable of carrying the offense and is an upper-classman who has been through the Big Ten a couple times. He has had plenty of issues and maybe he isn't worth the headache or distraction. He does have some defensive issues but I think he has great value coming off the bench as someone capable of scoring in bunches.

  • I recorded a very long podcast over on CrimsonCast. We talked a lot about the Gophers, a little about the current Indiana squad and a long time about the state of both programs. It is long but it is worth a listen.
  • Inside the Hall is one of my favorite basketball blogs out there and they say rebounding/defense are the keys for Indiana tonight.
  • The Louisville Courier-Journal previews the Gopher-Indiana game tonight. IU's Verdell Jones III knows that we have a distinct size advantage but..."We've got bigs who can drive it and we'll see if they can guard." Very true but I'd be more concerned if they had bigs who can shoot it.
  • In Hockey news, Nick Bjugstad and the USA Juniors lost to Canada and will now be skating for the Bronze.