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Golden Nugz - 01.05.11 - afternoon edition

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I was going to let the Nugz slide today but there are a few good links out there.

Seth Davis over at posted his buy/sell ratings for a bevy of NCAA teams. He suggests you "hold" Minnesota right now.

I might have recommended a Sell here because I think the Gophers have been ranked a little too high given that their best win came on a neutral court against North Carolina. (Not to mention Devoe Joseph's indefinite suspension.) But their back-to-back road losses to Wisconsin and Michigan State served as a fitting market correction. Minnesota will never wow you offensively, but they can grind you out and beat you up as well as any team in the Big Ten. The Gophers have to play at Ohio State on Sunday, but after that they have relatively smooth sailing until early February.

He may be right that we are slightly overrated. #13 was a bit too high, but we are still a solid team with a number of good pieces. The Ohio State game on Sunday will be interesting.