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Golden Nugz - 1.6.11

A bit of a national perspective on Devoe Joseph and his pulling a Baltimore Colts... not exactly.

Things aren't going too well for Don Lucia's group over at Mariucci, but Ryan Cardinal is a bit concerned that things might actually get worse before they get better.

FBT has a nice piece on what kind of schemes we might see out of Coach Kill's squad in the fall.

Tim Brewster will be interviewing for the Texas State job, which is, you know... exciting for him. And them. I guess.

UPDATE: FBT found a link stating that Brewster may have withdrawn his name from the search.

Another Minnesota high school basketball player has been lost to our rivals to the east.

An interesting read on how the collapse of the Metrodome will affect Gopher baseball.

And just for fun on this cold wintery morning...