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Searching For Billy Edelin Found Billy Edelin

It is a bye week for Gopher football and I think people will appreciate a break from Gopher football. The reason I'm pointing you to this SBN general college basketball blog is because if Searching for Billy Edelin can find him then there is hope for our own PagingJimShikenjanski.

SFBE is an SBN blog devoted to college hoops that launched a few months after TDG began in 2008. Eventually he joined SBN and has grown into an outstanding blog for all things college hoops.

I created a blog named after a forgotten college basketball player whose name resonates with only a few pockets of fans.

Searching for Billy Edelin was launched as a purely extracurricular thing between myself and childhood friend Matt Parsons. Matt wanted something to do when he got home from work, and I just wanted something to do. For years we had been curious as to what happened to Billy, and why nobody - not even the many Syracuse fans and alum we crossed paths with at various points in our life - hadn't a clue. In November of 2008 SFBE was launched, and boy does it come off as amateur hour when you look back on it.

Well after a few years of blogging under an obscure name...

this summer the ongoing joke that someday Billy or his family would reach out to me out of pure curiosity actually happened.

It is an interesting blog post that isn't highlighted by the initial meeting but it is close.

Immediately I felt like a putz. Here is this real person, and three years ago I thought it would be funny to name a blog after him. But he, like, exists and has a life. He's nice, normal, and wouldn't hurt a fly. Man I am pathetic. The joke, if there ever was one, was up. I had to get the most awkward yet obvious question out of the way.

I'll let you read the rest on your own, but Nick does a great job with the post and it is certain worth taking the time to read. Gopher related stuff will be coming, but I thought this was interesting enough to pass along.