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Minnesota Gopher Football: Everybody just cool out

Does this look like a man who isn't serious about the job at hand?
Does this look like a man who isn't serious about the job at hand?

Fact: We are a society of blame.

Fact: We are a society that requires immediate change in the face of blame.

When the crap hits the proverbial fan we are a society full of people who will automatically look for who to blame, and once we find who we think that is, whether we are right or wrong, we just want it gone.

Through six games this season we need someone to blame, and several fans are already calling for the firing of the new coach... six games into his tenure. Six.

Something is wrong, let's find someone to blame!!! Let's get rid of him!!! That will make us all feel better!!!

But then what?

Folks, it's October 12th, 2011... Jerry Kill isn't going anywhere and Joel Maturi isn't going anywhere (at least for now). Any blame that we can lay today, and anything that we could do to eradicate that blame today, isn't going to make this football team better tomorrow.

If you want to blame Jerry Kill for anything, blame him for the fact that he took this job in the first place. Blame him for the fact that he walked into an absolute mess in terms of talent, in terms of program expectations, and in terms of player attitude. Blame him for the fact that he took a job from an Athletic Director who (we all hope) will be gone in 9 months whose best move as an AD was having Tubby Smith fall into his lap.

It's a fact: this program is as low as it has ever been right now. The current one win season feels more hopeless than it did in 2007 because that team seemed to figure out ways to keep things close, and it feels more hopeless than this time last year because we seemed to know where to place the blame: Tim Brewster.

But let's stop with the blame game for now. Hey, cool out. Just everyone cool out... COOOL OUT!

I'm serious. Yelling, screaming, swearing, drinking... these things aren't going to make this season better. Sure, they feel good, and they provide a momentary respite from the garbage on the field. But none of it is going to make this season better. In fact, it's probably going to get worse before it gets better.

It's maddening... but chill.

We gave a guy who's only head coaching experience was at the high school level, and who had never even been a coordinator at the college level, three years to F this thing up. We can certainly give a guy who has 17 years of head coaching experience, with coordinators who have over a decade of experience, 3 years to try to fix it.