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Golden Nugz - 10.12.11: Stinky Wizzleteats edition

Do you realize that a month from yesterday it's going to be 11/11/11? How many unoriginal couples will get married on that day? Oh, it's a day we'll never forget. Yay.

-Power Rankings... read 1-11. Don't bother reading #12 anymore, you know who it's going to be.

-Hey, here's an idea: let's opine over something that has already been beaten into the ground, not bother saying anything original, and not come to a conclusion. When did newspapers turn into blogs?

-Don't get it twisted, the Gopher hockey seniors want an NCAA tourney bid.

-Danny Hope feels pretty good about the adjustments that his coaching staff made, leading to a win over the Gophers last Saturday. I wonder if anyone bothered to remind him that they were playing the Gophers... in other words, don't get too excited over yourselves.

-Things get a bit tougher this weekend as Gopher hockey hits the road for a weekend series against UMD, the defending champs.

-Jerry Kill gots fire shooting out of his head. But who's this Meme gal?

Okay, enough negativity for today. Seems like a good time to roll out some Stinky Wizzleteats. He'll teach you to be happy.