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Golden Nugz - 10.14.11

Welcome back to The Daily Gopher, your Golden Gopher Football rationality leader.

-An interesting read on football players who are clustered together in a single major from The Daily.

-File this one in the "Good Problems to Have" File... an overly passionate fan base. Bielema has asked the students at Wisky to stop chanting swear words.

-SB Nation Minnesota previews Gopher hockey's weekend series up at UMD.

-Even though the bye week is upon us in Gopher football land, TRE over at Still Got Hope came out of the woodwork to change the subject and talk fall TV shows. I've only seen two of the shows that he reviews, and he's right about both of them.

-As a note, and since we're on the subject of TV, if you aren't already watching Happy Endings, you should be. Very funny show. Produced by the kind of people that produced Arrested Development, How I Met Your Mother and Community, it also has Elisha Cuthbert, so... you know... watch it.

-Great piece on Mark Alt of the Gopher Hockey team.

-A Gopher men's bball preview from the St Cloud Times.

GN ADDITIONAL NUGG - Charlie Walters pointed out that Eric Decker is dating country star Jessie James. Way to go Eric! Maybe everyone else knew this but it is news to me.