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TDG Blog Poll

I missed last week and after looking more closely I have re-jiggered my top 3 schools. It basically came down to LSU still being undefeated after what I determined to be a more challenging schedule. Oklahoma's win over Florida State was strong but not as strong as it appeared at the time. Same can be said for Bama's win over Florida, looked great at the time (and is still a very good win) but Florida's three consecutive losses makes that win lose a bit of it's luster.

Wisconsin is laying in the weeds and has a very good shot at finishing undefeated this year and might even get into the BCS Title picture (God help us all). Their next two weeks are on the road to Michigan State and then a trip to Columbus, both will be good challenges but Wisconsin should be the favorite.

as usual, you have about 24 hours to submit any proposed changes to by ballot.