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Golden Nugz - 10.19.11

-A tearjerker of a story from the Faribualt Daily News about Gopher fan Jim Frankhauser that was lost to cancer recently. If you are going to the Gopher football game this Saturday and you can make it over to lot 37, Jim's tailgating family will be doling out some amazing BBQ to raise money for Jim's wife, Jill.

-Despite the fact that they could pay for their season tickets and restock their always empty booze cupboards, the boys from Still Got Hope? aren't selling their tickets to any dadgum Husker fans. Dadgum?

-Speaking of Huskers, KennardHusker defends the B1G... except when he doesn't.

-MarQueis Gray is keeping a positive attitude about the squad he is attempting to lead.

-My favorite part about this story is that Don Lucia takes a shot at the Vikings.

-Pretty much everything is better when it's set to Benny Hill music, wouldn't you agree?

-The Gopher Women's Hockey team got a commitment from within the Minnesota borders.

-Over at FBT, MV explores the possibility of Coach Kill fulfilling the so-called "Great Man Theory of Coaching" theory. The conclusion? Inconclusive, but incredibly interesting to explore.