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Minnesota Golden Gophers Host Nebraska Corn Huskers for 52nd All-Time Meeting

Game Ti-me: 2:30
Radio: KFAN 100.3 FM and 1130 AM

Yes, the Gophers and Huskers have met 51 previous times. For Minnesota that is more games played than games against Ohio State, Michigan State or Penn State. Minnesota holds the series advantage 29-20-2, but Nebraska is riding a 14-game win streak, which looks like it will be extended to 15. But that is why they play the games.

The Stats

Minnesota Golden Gophers Nebraska Cornhuskers
Points / Game 18.0 37.0
Pass Yards 155.7 172.2
Rush Yards 144.7 246.8
3rd Down % 31.6% 42.7%
Key Offensive Player to Watch Duane Bennett
Rex Burkhead
Points Allowed/Game 35.0
Pass Yards 247.7 204.8
Rush Yards 166.5 167.8
3rd Down % 48.7% 44.7%
Key Defensive Player to Watch Gary Tinsley Jared Crick the Neb D-Line

Three Questions

  1. Who will win the rushing game battle? - Surprisingly, Nebraska's rush defense is statistically worse than Minnesota's. The Huskers should gain more yards on the ground but can the Gophers get any traction in the ground game and sustain some drives that lead to points?
    Which QB runs for more yards - Both QBs are guys who can rack up yards on the ground, who gets more today?
    Which program will be the first to 30 wins in the series? - Minnesota leads 29-20-2, will we get that 30th win before Nebraska does?

The Answers

I think all of us will be surprised if this game is within two touchdowns. Looking at stats I was less impressed with Nebraska but that does not translate into any confidence in the Gophers. What I really hope to see is a fresh team after the bye week and some better execution on both sides of the ball. It is a beautiful day, lets hope for an enjoyable game to watch.