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Golden Nugz - 10.28.11

Hate week! The hate is flowing through me like the Mississippi River flows through Minnesota. It's pulsating in me. Or something like that.

-Ever heard the saying "better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt"? This is generally how I feel about Jim Souhan. And there is so much snark in this article about Coach Kill's contract that it makes me want to puke. Souhan doesn't get it, and once again, he proves it to us by putting it down in print.

It's understandable that Kill would ask his bosses for more time to turn around one of the worst programs in the country.

Do we even know that Coach Kill's agent ASKED for two more years? In his interview with Sid yesterday, U President Kaler said the additional 2 years were his decision.

To summarize, the U has guaranteed Kill $1.9 million more than he agreed to in December.

Let's be clear about something. There was no contract in place before this week. The parameters of a contract were agreed upon in December, leading to Coach Kill accepting the job, after which the contract has been negotiated since. This isn't an extension, it's the first contract Kill has signed. I get the "extension" angle that Souhan is going for, but it's idiotic. Is a 7-year first contract for a new coach a bit out of the ordinary? Sure. But U President Kaler is absolutely within his bounds to decide this contract should be longer based on circumstances and his belief that this program needs some stability. FBT agrees... so take THAT!!!

/takes a deep breath

-I enjoyed this piece offering some suggestions for new mascots for B1G teams, and was particularly pleased by the fact that the Gophers weren't somehow involved.

-Down With Goldy previews Mountain West basketball. I didn't read it, but I scrolled through it. Based on what I can tell TCU is the best team in the conference without question.

-A look at Minnesota natives Coleman and Ingram and their roles on the Tubby's squad this winter.

-Don Lucia thinks his team is taking baby steps. I bet his favorite movie is "What About Bob?"

-Good heavens do I miss this commercial campaign...