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Golden Nugz - 10.06.11

When your team is winning, Saturday can't come fast enough. Are you like me on a Thursday morning? Do you find yourself thinking, "geez, only two days to gameday?"

-Coach Kill is burning a lot of redshirts, but there's one guy who's redshirt he won't be pulling.

-Ever wonder what happened to Preston Gruening? Yeah, me neither, but you might enjoy finding out what he's up to anyway.

-Down With Goldy previewed Pac-12 basketball and all I can say is I'm a pretty big Oregon Ducks fan.

-Elliott Mann over at FBT has a look at why we still care about Gopher Football.

-A look behind enemy lines this morning over at OTE. While things aren't going well at Purdue, there are some silver linings.

-TheBigTenFootballDude predicts another Gopher loss. Sick of this!