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Golden Nugz - 11.11.11... Don't sit behind any Badger fans if you can help it

Hate week round 2! We're a day away from bighting the Fadgers for the Axe! I think I speak for everyone in Gold Country when I say Buck the Fadgers! (insert additional homer comments followed by ! here)

-I love The Big Lebowski, and if you missed it, I wrote this week's OTE Power Poll, based on Big Lebowski quotes. I enjoyed writing it.

-If you missed it earlier this week, injured Rutgers player Eric LeGrand tweeted some fantastic news. News that I think we can all agree was much needed among college football fans.

-There's a lot of hate going around, and FBT does a bang-up job of reminding us just why there's so much hate flowing.

-DWG previews tonight's Gopher basketball tilt with Bucknell.

-More hate from SGH?

-Gorg discusses the Gopher hockey team's #1 ranking and previews the trip to Madison this weekend.

-And lastly, if you are sitting behind any Badger fans at The Bank this weekend, watch out for this...