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Gophers Face the Sycamores in Round Two of the Old Spice Classic - OPEN THREAD

Round 2 of the Old Spice Classic. Did anyone notice that in my OSC preview I said all of the non-major conference teams would win yesterday?

Game Time: 11:00 am

Pos Minnesota Pnt/Gm Pnt/Gm Indiana State Pos
PG Andre Hollins 9.0 7.5 Jake Odum G
G Austin Hollins 10.0 5.9 Steve McWhorter G
F Rodney Williams 7.3 10.0 Jordan Printy F
F Trevor Mbakwe 16.0 12.0 Carl Richard F
C Ralph Sampson III 8.7 6.8 Myles Walker C
Bench Julian Welch 3.0 10.5 Dwayne Lathan Bench
Bench Chip Armelin 4.0 3.8 Lucas Eitel Bench
Bench Elliott Elliason 2.3
2.5 Justin Grant Bench

This is a tough match-up for the Gophers. Indiana State is a good team in a good conference that may get more than one team into the NCAA Tournament at year end.

Jake Odum is a complete guard for the Sycamores. He defends, he gets teammates into the offense and he can score. In yesterday's win over Texas Tech he led his team in scoring and assists while getting to the free throw line 10 times. Jordan Printy is their primary outside shooter who has made 10 of 26 this year. Considering we struggle to keep penetration contained and we struggle to close out to shooters I fully expect those two to have big games today.

This team is not particularly big. Walker is only 6-8 but he is 250 lbs, so I expect he will be a bully in the paint. But overall we should have more of a size advantage in the paint then we did against DePaul.

This game is all about who controls the tempo. We should look to push the ball and create turnovers again with our pressure. Indiana State will look to control possessions by defending well and working their offense for good shots. In the half court I REALLY hope we see a more disciplined Gopher defense and offensively I think we'll be able to score in the paint with more ease today.

Should be a good game and certainly the best test for the Gophers yet this season.