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Golden Nugz - 11.03.11

You know how the band 311 holds a concert every single year on March 11th, you know, cause it's 3/11? Anyway, I was wondering, do you think that on 11/3, since it's the opposite, they don't play any music at all?

-So I participated in a Mid-Season Division Arugments piece over at OTE for our division (is it Leaders or Legends? I refuse to learn which) that posted yesterday. My position was that although the Gophers mathematically can win the division, they won't. What you might find more interesting however, is that as of this morning, 6% of people voting in the pole (20 of 296) of who would win the division said that the Gophers would win it.

-TheBigTenFootballDude doesn't care if the Gophers beat Iowa (again). He doesn't think the Gophers can beat MSU, and he thinks the spread (-28) is right on the money.

-As a huge fan of The Big Lebowski I find this animated gif absolutely outstanding.

-DWG welcomes Nebraska to B1G basketball?

-Amelia proclaims the ugliness against Bemidji State was still a good learning process for Tubby's bunch.

-The Daily previews the upcoming series for Gopher Hockey against the Fighting Sue. By the way, if you're a twitterererererer, please start using #FightingSue... That's pretty funny.