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Completely random afternoon thoughts on Gopher Football (because frankly we've got nothin' else)

- You know what my wife says about Jerry Kill? "He's so cute! I just love him." So I've got that goin' for me... which is nice.

- I was thinking about how irritated and annoyed we all were, or most of us anyway (/points at self), when Jerry Kill got hired. And I know we've had this discussion a million times since, but now that we know almost for certain that Joel Maturi is a lame duck as Athletic Director, is there any doubt anymore that every ounce of our irritation and annoyance was directed at "Director's Cup" Joel?

- Down With Goldy shares recipes all the time, and we're supposed to be what DWG wants to grow up to be someday (his/their words, not mine), and I know that this isn't my recipe, but dudes & gals, seriously, you should try making this slow cooker lasagna... it's fantastical. I might suggest using bowtie pasta instead of the lasagna noodles, but that's just me.

- After the somber life that was being 1-6 I was having trouble seeing any light at the end of the tunnel. But after beating Iowa (again), and realizing how many young guys contributed in that game and are gaining valuable game experience, I'm starting to get excited for the NEXT couple seasons already. Here are some things to be excited about...

  • More seasons with 7 home games
  • Non-conference games that are winnable, but not (completely) boring (UNLV, Western Mich, San Jose St, Syracuse, North Carolina)
  • An opening road game next year in... VEGAS!!! (Who's in!?!?!?!)
  • Opening up the B1G schedule against Iowa each of the next two years.
  • 9 game B1G schedules start in 2015?!?!

- You know who I really like right now? Duane Bennett. He's suddenly playing like a man possessed. Runs over, around and through people, won't go down, fights for extra yards. He's kind of like MBIII right now. (Don't get bent out of shape, I'm not comparing them. Just saying.)

- For one more day I'd like to revel in the meltdown that's happening in Iowa City right now. That is all. Oh, and this.

- As mentioned in this morning's Nugz, the line for this week's game at MSU is Gophers -28, and as far as I can tell that line hasn't changed all week. My guess is that after MSU completely crapped the bed at Nebraska and suddenly the Gophers woke up in beating Iowa (again), that gamblers don't want a damn thing to do with either of these teams, and I can't blame them. 28 points is a big margin, but the Gophers have already lost to three B1G teams by 27 points or more. It's the classic which team is going to show up... and frankly, it's a problem across the entire B1G right now.