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Golden Nugz - 12.02.11

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Woke up to snow yesterday. Woke up this morning to realize that there's no Gopher football game tomorrow. Mbakwe is out for the season. Gopher Hockey is no longer ranked #1 in the nation. What a barren wasteland of nothingness, wailing and gnashing of teeth my life has become.

But, you know, Happy Friday!!! Really looking forward to the weekend, you guys!

-What we DO have to "look forward to" is the B1G Championship game. The folks at OTE give their predictions, and almost everyone is on Wisky... seewhatIdidthere?

-The odds makers have cast their lots on the possibility of Ohio State winning the B1G next season.

-DWG reviews the men's basketballers W over Virginia Tech, and admits to being joyfully wrong.

-KGorg previews this weekend's hockey series as the Gophers travel south on Hwy 169 to battle the host (thanks to @gopherstate for the correction) Mankato State Minnesota State Screaming Eagles Mavericks. Also, did you know that the show "Coach" was originally supposed to be about the U of M, but that the school withdrew their approval to use the university's name on the show? I, for one, did NOT know that.

-While the men's team heads south, the Gopher women of the ice head northwest to battle the fighting Sioux. Wait, that's not their nickname anymore, is it?

-The lady basketballers are struggling a bit. They suffered a loss to Wake Forest and will take on the #1 team in all the land this weekend.

-And because this band is amazing, and because I want you to love them as much as I do...