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Daily Nugs 2.1.2011

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- FBT takes a look at Jerry Kill's 300 mile recruiting radius at this link.

- The Gopher wrestling team defeated Wisconsin by a score of 21-15. The Badgers had been rated #3 in the Nation. Read about it here.

- Adam Rittenberg of ESPN takes a look at a few of the highly touted recruits from 2007, and how they've panned out since. Definitely worth a read at this link.

- With signing day fast approaching, the Gophers' recruiting class is currently ranked 9th in the Big Ten according to Rivals (49th overall), 11th according to Scout (68th overall), and a summary of ESPN's recruit ratings can be found at this link. The good news is that there are now 12 teams in the Big Ten. The best news is that there is still one day left for Kill and his staff to add a few more commitments.

- has a page devoted to Signing Day at this link.