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Golden Nugz 2.15.11- The "Jim Souhan is Wrong Yet Again" Edition

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Clearly, Jim Souhan didn't read PJS' excellent piece from yesterday before he wrote this column slamming Tubby. Yet another example of why you should always, always read PJS and GN before forming Gopher hoops opinions. First of all, just shocking that a local columnist is taking pot shots at a Gopher coach or program without doing his homework:

To those Kentucky fans who based their assessment of Smith on facts and trends, though, let us apologize. You were right.

Four seasons after his arrival, Smith's tenure at the University of Minnesota is officially a disappointment.

Again, read PJS's post yesterday, and you read all about why Souhan is wrong, and is just throwing tantrums, and opinions against a wall, to try and get some readers. It's sad, because casual fans will just take Souhan's word for it, and believe Tubby is failing here, instead of getting a more informed opinion of what's really going on at The Barn.

Nearing the end of a remarkable career, Smith is becoming increasingly petty as his coaching skills appear to wane.

So congratulations, Kentucky. We thought Tubby viewed Minnesota as a place he could win. Turns out that when he looks at Goldy Gopher, all he sees is a 401(k).

Funny, people could say the same thing about Souhan and his tenure at the Strib and 1500 ESPN.

Over at the PP, Marcus Fuller, who unlike Souhan covers the team on a daily basis and actually knows what he's talking about, talks about how the Gophers' remaining schedule can help bolster their NCAA tourney chances. Speaking of which, the Sporting News currently has Minnesota as an 8 seed, along with Tennessee, St. Mary's, and Georgia.

After watching Sconnie upset #1 Ohio State on Sunday, Michael Rand can't help but wonder what a couple of Minnesota kids playing in Madtown would have looked like in Maroon and Gold. One of them was named the Big Ten Players of the Week.

Across the street at Mariucci, Roman talks about how the Gophs' surprising seven goal outburst against DU was a big relief for the team. Hopefully they can carry that confidence into this weekend's series at the Kohl Center against Bucky Badger, who are just three points up on Minnesota for 5th in the WCHA.

Chris Monter of Gopherhole has a Q&A with the latest Gopher football recruit, Texas RB David Cobb.