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Golden Nugz 2.16.11

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With a desperate need for a point guard, Gopher recruit Andre Hollins is learning to run a team in preparation for next year. Too bad they can't have him right now with Al Nolen out. Recruiting analyst Bob Gibbons believes Hollins best position is at off guard, but says of Tubby's wishes to make Hollins run the point: "If he thinks he can transform him into a point guard, then I put my faith in Tubby Smith." You hear that, Jim Souhan?

Linebacker Mike Rallis is back on track after surgery, and should be ready to go for spring ball. If Florida transfer Brandon Beal is as good as advertised at middle linebacker, that should push last year's starter Gary Tinsley to one outside spot, leaving Rallis in a heated competition to be the other starting outside backer with Keanon Cooper and others. Competition is good, and I like having more good players than we have positions for.

Gopher recruit Sam Warning is turning heads in the USHL with a highlight reel goal.