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National Signing Day The 2011 Golden Gopher Recruiting Class - The Tim Brewster Recruits

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Last year I recapped the 2010 recruiting class by breaking the 26 member class into the Midwest and the Non-Midwest recruits. This year the logical split seems to be the kids who committed while Tim Brewster was still head coach of your Golden Gophers and those who com

As is often the case there were several Brewster commits who changed their minds and decided to take their talents elsewhere, Skyline LB-Mike Moore was the latest such decommit. But a special tip of the hat should go to the nine kids who not only committed to Tim Brewster but stayed with their commitment to be Golden Gophers. These kids either truly want to be Golden Gophers or this was still their best offer. Regardless, here is the Tim Brewster contribution to the 2011 Golden Gopher recruiting class.

Below is part 1 of your 2011 Gopher recruiting class (special thanks to Tomahawk Nation for the table).

Josh Campion

Position: OL

Measurables: 6-4 / 310

Videos: none found

- Rivals: #25 Prep School player (3*)
- Scout: #NR OG

Notes: So this is the one recruit that could go to either coaching staff. Technically Campion committed to Jerry Kill but he was an early commit to Tim Brewster out of Fergus Falls way back as a amember of the 2009 class. Injuries and Academics got in the way of Campion being a Golden Gopher prior to this year, but his dream of wearing the maroon and gold is finally coming true.I always assume offensive linemen will redshirt unless they are a blue-chip prospects. When you factor in just how many young linemen we currently have on the roster Campion would have to earn a starting job to not redshirt.

Tommy Olson

Position: OG

Measurables: 6-4 / 275

Videos: none

- Rivals: #24 OG (3*)
- Scout: #82 OG
- ESPN: #14 OG (4*)

Notes: By most accounts Olson is the #1 recruit in this current class. Olson is the #1 player in the state, earned a 4-star rating from ESPN and was named to Rival's 2nd team All-American squad. Olson's father played for the Gophers and his brother, Ed, was the Gopher's starting LT as a freshman this past year and we may get to see a future Olson-Olson tandem at Tackle and Guard. ESPN's analysis describes him as a "crushing run blocker who excels when asked to pull and trap." Despite being our top recruit the smart money is on him redshirting this year.

Devin Crawford-Tufts

Position: WR

Measurables: 6-2 / 180 / 4.4

Videos: [FB] [100M State Track] [200M State Track]

- Rivals: #NR WR (3*)
- Scout: #NR WR
- ESPN: #167 WR

Notes: I am excited about the future of Devin Crawford-Tufts. This guy is fast. Not "Minnesota fast", but he is "SEC fast". He is not a polished football player but he has very good size and a 36" vertical to go along with this speed. ESPN has this to say about DC-T, "good combination of size and straight-line speed when projecting for the next level. Needs to fill out and refine his pass-catching and route running skills but we like his upside and feel his best football is ahead of him." As a JR he had over a 25 yard per catch average and is the state's defending 100 and 200 champion. DC-T was also offered by Wisconsin.

Peter Westerhaus


Position: LB / TE

Measurables: 6-2 / 205

Videos: [1]

- Rivals: #68 OLB (3*)
- Scout: #70 TE
- ESPN: #100 OLB

Notes: Westerhaus is the #3 player in Minnesota and is a solid 3-star OLB. As he adds size he may be better suited as a MLB in college but he clearly is a good run-stopping LB. There is also a chance that Westerhaus's future as a Gopher will be as a TE, he did catch 8 touchdowns as a junior and 11 as a senior. TE or LB is yet to be determined but I believe you will see this kid as a regular contributor over his Gopher career. Westerhaus was also named a Rival's 2nd team All-American as a TE.

Kyle McAvoy

Position: OL

Measurables: 6-5 / 290

Videos: he's a lineman, I didn't even look

- Rivals: #NR OT (3*)
- Scout: #50 OG
- ESPN: #27 OT

Notes:Bloomington, IL native and is bringing his twin brother along to Minnesota. According to most of the recruiting sites Kyle is the better of the two McAvoy twins and his offer sheet reflected that. Schools like Northwestern, Louisville, Michigan State and others offered Kyle but not Luke. Minnesota, Kansas and Arizona were the three BCS schools to offer both McAvoys. It is hard to grade and project linemen but I do like this from ESPN's eval..."This is a tough guy who brings a nasty finishing effort to the game." Welcome to Gopher Nation Mr. McAvoy. Like all linemen I hope you redshirt and we'll see him on the 2-deep in the future.

Luke McAvoy

Position: OL

Measurables: 6-5 / 270

Videos: none found

- Rivals: #NR OL (3*)
- Scout: #114 OT
- ESPN: #123 OT

Notes: The other McAvoy twin. In three years are we going to have two sets of brothers starting on either side of the Gopher offensive line? The Olson brothers at LT and LG then the McAvoy twins at RT and RG. As mentioned above he isn't ranked as high as his brother but do not forget that this is still a 3-star recruit who had offers from a few other BCS schools. "Demonstrates good pull / trap technique; is quick out of his stance, can seal up inside and locate second level defenders with good finishing results. If his playing strength improves this prospect's athleticism should allow him to make all the necessary run blocks at the next level of play." If he really is athletic enough, I would be he'll end up playing guard but I'm sure he'll redshirt and we are probably a few years away from seeing him on the field.

Quinn Bauducco

Position: LB

Measurables: 6-5 / 230

Videos: [1-2009 highlights]

- Rivals: #35 ILB (3*)
- Scout: #41 MLB
- ESPN: #51 ILB

Notes:Bauducco appears to be a prototypical MLB. He is coming out of high school with pretty good size, is a solid tackler and has a nose for the ball. Bauducco was named first team all-conference in the Marmonte League which is a very talented Northern California league. There is pretty much consensus amongst the gurus that Buaducco is a top 50 MLB. He is a big hitter who seems to initiate contact and he'll be given a couple years to learn the position. I expect he'll have a productive Gopher career.

Max Shortell

Position: QB

Measurables: 6-6 / 215

Videos: [1] [2] [benching]

- Rivals: #22 QB (3*)
- Scout: #58 QB

Notes: Shortell played for a very successful Kansas program that won a state title in his junior season. During his senior year he passed for 2,643 yards, 21 TDs, 7 Ints and completed 53% of his passes. As a junior he threw for over 2,500 yards and 29 TDs.

"He has a smooth, over-the-top release and will surprise you with great zip on short and intermediate routes when his feet are set. He is an excellent deep ball thrower and has a good feel for the fade and corner route." But ESPN warns he needs to be protected. "However, Shortell needs to be protected to be at his finest. He is a timing passer from within the pocket that is most effective when in rhythm and not holding onto the ball."

Looks to be a very solid prospect and considering how many offensive linemen we've brought in over the last couple years, Shortell should be a well-protected, pocket-passer for the Gophers.

Jephete Matilus

Position: OLB

Measurables: 6-1 / 215

Videos: [1]

- Rivals: #NR OLB (3*)
- Scout: #174 OLB
- ESPN: #73 OLB

Notes: I love this guy solely because of the picture, he looks like a total bad ass. I want a guy who looks like this to be hunting down opposing running backs and knocking receivers on their ass if they decide to run a crossing route into his zone. Can he be a missile who racks ups TFLs or can he cover Big Ten skill players? I don't know and I won't pretend to. ESPN ranks him as one of the better commits in this class pointing out that he could be an early contributor on special teams. 12 sacks as a junior and 6 as a senior on a team that won a playoff game in Florida's 6A class football. Matilus earned first team All-Palm County by the Sun-Sentinel. Matilus had offers from Illinois, Kentucky, several non-BCS schools and was formerly committed to Marshal.

A class built more on size, length and athleticism than it is on pedigree and star rankings but there are some solid players in this group.