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Golden Nugz 2.21.11

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Some Nugz for you as you dig out of yet another Minnesota blizzard...

The lead story today in Gopherland is the men's hockey team, who took 3 of a possible 4 points from Wisconsin over the weekend. That showing, coupled with a craptastic weekend for Colorado College, puts the Gophers in 6th in the WCHA, just one point behind Wisconsin. Barring a complete and utter collapse in their final four regular season games against the conference's two worst teams, the Gophers will host a first round WCHA playoff game. Roman believes not only will they do that, but they'll bump out Wisconsin for 5th.

GREAT news for Gopher baseball as they'll play their Big Ten home games at Target Field this season. The Big Ten home opener is a doubleheader against Purdue April 1. The team lost 3-0 to #20 Louisville on Sunday, dropping them to 1-2 on the season so far.

Yesterday was a great day of honor for Gopher wrestling coach J Robinson, but he and Gopher fans would have liked better results on the mat against Iowa.

Kiara Buford scored her 1,000th point as a Gopher, but her team still dropped their 4th straight game, losing 62-55 to Northwestern.

Gopher women's hockey lost 5-3 to North Dakota, which will drop Minnesota to a 3 seed. Speaking of the Fighting Sioux, lawmakers in the North Dakota House need to get a bill passed today to keep the Sioux nickname alive.