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Golden Nugz - 02.03.11, The Morning After

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The morning after National Signing Day and the morning after Gopher basketball's worst loss since losing at Indiana last year.

First the hoops team...

Myron takes "Survivor" approach to the Gopher loss. The Hoosiers outworked, outplayed and eventually outlasted the Gophers.

"If you're not going to rebound, you're not going to fight back, you're not going to box out, anybody is going to beat you," Gophers coach Tubby Smith said. "You've got to set the tone and we weren't doing any of that. We weren't doing any of the little things. They were outworking us and outhustling us."

That was a bad effort and a worse loss. I feared that we were going to slowly creep towards the bubble, but this loss may have sped up that process. IU's Tom Pritchard was averaging 1.7 points per game, we let him score 12 last night. That is incredible. The lone bright spot may have been Austin Hollins' effort as he had his best game as a Gopher.

And now to the future of Gopher football

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