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Who are your favorite 2011 Gopher recruits?

Now that the class is signed, sealed and delivered...who are your favorites? Below are my top 3 with some honorable mentions.

1 - Tommy Olson - clearly he is the class of this class and Kill said he may be playing early.

2 - Devin Crawford-Tufts - I know that Quentin Gardner is getting the hype and I don't expect DCT will contribute for at least a year or two but I'm really looking forward to him down the road. He is tall, lanky and really fast.

3 - Jephete Matilus - Bauducco was a close second here but Matilus looks like a bad ass and I'm anxious to see him. I don't expect he'll contribute for at least two years but I'm looking forward to watching this Florida product.

Honorable Mention

  • Steven Montgomery - best DB in this class
  • Quinn Bauducco - highly productive in a talented league
  • Quentin Gardner - quick, fast, good hands, may contribute before anyone else in this class
  • Peter Westerhaus - nice size and athleticism, he'll play a lot in a couple years.

Interesting how five of my favorite seven are Brewster commits. Who are your favorites and why?