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Daily Nugs 3.1.2011

- The Gophers' Men's Track Team won the Big Ten indoor track and field championship. Read about it at this link.

- FBT has an in-depth article featuring some deep analytics for 2010 recruiting. If you like stats, it's a must-read at this link.

- Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy scored a 48 out of 50 on the Wonderlic Test. To put that in perspective, it is reported that only one player has ever scored a 50 out of 50. According to EDSBS:

A 48 is twice the league average for incoming QBs, and matches the highest score for a quarterback on record, belonging to current Buffalo Bills starter Ryan Fitzpatrick, a Harvard grad.

Now, McElroy may lack some of the measurables that other quarterbacks in the draft have, but if he drops to the second round the Vikings would be foolish not to pick him up.

- The Gopher basketball woes have made it into an article on The Huffington Post. While the blame for the current season is due to many factors, I refuse to believe that Minnesota could find a better coach than Tubby Smith. Tubby Smith is one of the premiere coaches in college basketball, and he will win have a winning team once again within 2 years.