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Did You Watch the NCAA Tourney "First Round" Play-In Games?

I hate that the NCAA tourney field has been expanded to 68 teams. Hate it. For me, the NCAA tourney officially starts today, Always has (at least as long I've been watching. The first NCAA tourney I remember watching was the mid 80's) always will. The NCAA tries to force some really stupid politically correct names on us like "FBS" and "FCS" instead of what it should be called- Division 1 and Division 1-AA. Really, we're hurting the feelings of 1-AA athletes by calling them that? How ridiculous. Same with this new idea that the first round of March Madness was Tuesday and Wednesday, and today's and Friday's games are now the second round? Absurd. No matter how many more teams they try and add (with all the whining and crying today, I'm sure eventually every D1 team will eventually be in the tournament field. Might as well just hand out first place trophies for every school so nobody's feelings are hurt and everyone can feel like a winner), March Madness will ALWAYS start on Thursday with 64 teams.

However, I'm curious how many people actually watched the Tuesday and Wednesday games. I have no problems with people who did, I just won't ever be one of them. Anyway, enjoy the REAL beginning of March Madness today.