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Golden Nugz - 03.02.11

Looks like we'll be going back to a more traditional starting lineup tonight. Myron is reporting that Maverick Ahanmisi will be starting at point.

Although Smith said he hadn't made a final decision on his rotation against the Wildcats, he and some of his players said they've prepared this week for Ahanmisi to open the contest at point guard.

This is probably a really good idea. Hoffarber moves back to SG and Iverson can come off the bench. The question is how many minutes will Mav play and how effective will he be if his minutes get extended beyond the 11 or 12 per game he's averaging over the last five games. I am a huge believer that certain guys are effective for a certain amount of minutes and when they get beyond that limit you start to get diminishing returns. Mav has played well lately so hopefully he'll be solid for 10+ minutes per half and Hoffarber can get some space at the 2.

  • Remember when Rodney Williams was a projected lottery pick? Well the latest Chad Ford story has Williams' stock falling.
    He's a phenomenal athlete. But at some point, Williams is going to have to show us he's more than that. Williams has become a lockdown defender when he wants to be. But the offensive part of his game is still very, very shaky, as is made evident by his 12.27 player efficiency rating. A 6.6 points per game average isn't going to get you drafted unless you're 7-foot-2.
    Tell us something we didn't already know (months ago).
  • This is really kind of odd but the new Gopher Volleyball coach will not be joining the team until the 2012 season. Coach McCutcheon is going to remain with the US team through the 2012 Olympics and then he will join the Gophers. Interim coach, Laura Bush (wow, who knew the former First Lady was a volleyball coach?) will remain as interim coach through next season.
  • READ THIS!! READ THIS!! This really shouldn't be burried as #3 on my list but here is a really good article on coach Kill from the Wichita Eagle.
  • Gopher hockey has been on a bit of a resurgence, led by some talented freshmen.
  • Why do we have to go through this every single year? Maybe Tubby is getting tired of things in Minnesota but also other schools have to think his luster is wearing off and maybe a 60 year old coach isn't interested in starting yet another rebuilding program.