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Golden Nugz - 03.21.11

Not much news going on in Gopher Nation (I still love that term, it was the one gift from Tim Brewster that I truly appreciate). The NCAA Tournament carried on without us and it was pretty entertaining. The Big Ten pretty much did what was expected until Purdue was rolled by VCU.

Anyway here is what I could pull together for this cold, Monday morning.

ANDRE HOLLINS is Tennessee's Mr. Basketball. Congratulations to the young man who won the award over Adonis Thomas (5-star SF going to Memphis, #15 overall according to Rivals). Unfortunately his White Station team did not repeat at State Champs. They lost in the state semis to Craigmont. Andre Hollins scored 44 points in their two state tournament games and shot 4/8 from behind the arc. The loss to Craigmont saw Hollins turn the ball over 10 times which is a tough way to go out.

Maybe I'm not exactly going out on a limb here but I believe firmly that Andre Hollins will be the best recruit of the Tubby Smith tenure. I'll be shocked if he doesn't rocket up the recruiting rankings when they get updated this spring. Currently Rivals ranks him as a 3-star, 126th overall. ESPN ranks him as a 4-star and 81st overall.