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Golden Nugz 3.25.11

Jerry Kill ran his first Gopher practice yesterday, and he wasn't the only one running. The players got their first taste of life with Coach Kill, and from their responses, this seems light years different than what they experienced under former coach Tim Brewster. Kill not only is trying to set a different pace, but also a different tone, as he was barking and yelling at guys all over the place. "Intensity" was the word of the day used by the scribes in attendance. Still, it seems the players responded pretty well for the first day.

In Phil Miller's Gridiron Gold blog he has plenty of practice notes, as does FBT. Miller's starts with Kill's "special" team- and it's not something any player wants to be apart of. Corner Michael Carter was the one guy in Kill's doghouse, and he had to work his tail off. Both gents noted MarQueis' throwing, Da'jon's catching, freshman DB Marcus Jones' speed, Keanon's overall performance and some early starting O and D lines. The PP's Marcus Fuller has more on MarQueis' first day.

Some big names were knocked out of the NCAA tourney last night as Duke, Sconnie, and Jimmer were all sent home.

Roman gets you set for the NCAA hockey tourney with 16 story lines.

Minnesota earned a few All-America honors in men's swimming.