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Golden Nugz 03.28.11

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SBN-Minnesota has an encouraging article on Jerry Kill. Ted is excited about Gopher Football.

There will be no more slacking, no more laziness, and no more false bravado coming from the University of Minnesota football coach. However, accountability and standards will not be compromised, which is something his predecessor had a hard time figuring out.

I think we have a Gopher football convert on our hands. Kill still has a lot to prove but he may put Gopher football back on the Minnesota sporting landscape


  • The Yankton Press and Dakotan had a lengthy e-mail exchange with Colton Iverson. He doesn't know where he is headed yet and still has only good things to say about the Gopher program.
  • Duane Bennett is not on Kill's "special team" in fact Phil Miller indicates he is one of Kill's favorites.