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Golden Nugz 3.29.11- It's all Tubby Smith's Fault

And a good morning to you. Some Nugz hot out of the oven...

PP columnist Bob Sansevere is concerned about Colton Iverson leaving the Gopher basketball program. FIFTH- yes five!- player to leave the program in Tubby's tenure. He wants AD Joel Maturi to think before- are you ready for this- "pushing Smith to sign a contract extension." Hahaha Bob. I didn't know you were so funny. We all know Joel doesn't push ANYBODY in his athletic department. He doesn't force them to do anything. He doesn't push, he GIVES contract extensions to coaches whether they deserve it or not (and lately, like the cases of Timmy Brew and Don Lucia, "not"). Anywho, if Bob would have simply read TDG on Sunday he would have already known this isn't a big deal and isn't something to blame Tubby for. Colton wasn't going to play as a senior, and wants to transfer somewhere where he will. The other four guys all had reasons (two head cases, two to be closer to family) that can't be blamed on the coach. Golly gee willakers Bob, if you'd have read your own paper a few days ago you'd see Colton has no ill will toward the Gopher program, and just wanted to go somewhere he'd play his final season.

What is it with columnists in this town wanting to blame Tubby for everything? Yes, we would have liked a better result from this year's team, and yes, not just getting to the NCAA tourney but actually winning a round or two would be great. But I get the feeling he lined up all of the columnist's dogs and ran over them, or keyed their cars in the parking lot, or declined to share a post game beer with them or something because these guys have an axe to grind. Pick up your favorite local daily tomorrow when Jim Souhan will blame Tubby for the nuclear meltdown in Japan, and Bob Sansevere will blame Tubby for America's recession. Because it's all his fault, you know.

I knew Gopher football coach Jerry Kill was running a tough spring camp, but former Marine snipers trying out for the team? That is a new one. Gerry Delaney is a four year veteran of the Marine Corp, including a tour in Iraq, and is now competing for playing time on the D-line. Very cool story from Marcus Fuller.

Speaking of Mr. Fuller, and Gopher football, he has a blog post about Friday's practice up (forgive me if we linked to this in an earlier Nugz) which looks at the chemistry building between QB MarQueis Gray and probable starter at center Ryan Wynn. He also mentions some of the early two deep lineups on offense. And while Kill still hasn't officially given MarQueis the starting QB job, he has given him a new nickname.

FSN looks at the Top 5 returning Gopher football players- and manage to name seven guys. I don't agree with all of them, either.

Some links from the MN Daily: Josh Katzenstein says Coach Kill's approach isn't just new for the players, Derek Wetmore looks at the inconsistency in Gopher baseball's schedule and play, and Dane Mizutani profiles junior sprinter Chimerem Okoroji.

Hockey! The Frozen Four is set for this weekend in St Paul, and it includes two teams the Gophers share a conference with now, and one they'll share a conference with in the near future. And not rub salt in the wound, but they'll be plenty of Minnesotan to watch at the X this weekend, but none obviously playing for the Gophers. Four are playing a key role for Notre Dame, including two on their top line.