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Should Minnesota Gopher football change their uniforms?

Today, Arizona State University went and got themselves "Nike-fied", discarding a half century of uniform history for a, um, bold new look. ASU is taking a page from Oregon, who has been pushing the envelope on football uniforms for years, as the new football gear is a drastic change from their old ones. Although, the Sun Devils are still three helmets, 17 pairs of pants, and about 9,000 different jerseys away from having as many uniform options as the Ducks.

As you'll no doubt notice from the photos, the Sun Devils have almost exactly the same maroon-and-gold color scheme as the Gophers. You could pretty easily put a mean new M or Goldy on the helmets in place of the trident (no word on whether it was the same trident Brick Tamlan used to stab a guy in the heart with) and have an idea of what a new Gopher football uniform would look like.

The Gophers branched out under Brewster as much as they have in decades, adding white and maroon pants and a yellow jersey option and, of course, the ever controversial white helmets. Some Gopher fans want to just go back to the (more) traditional look of maroon helmets and gold pants with maroon home jerseys and white road jerseys, while I'm sure some of the players and younger fans would probably love to see a drastic change like ASU just made. Jerry Kill strikes me as a pretty conservative, no-nonsense guy, so I can't see him wanting the uni's to get "Nike'ed" but he also shaved the Stache, so I suppose anything is possible.

So what do you think? Leave 'em as is, go back to the more traditional stuff of the Mason Era, or Nike it up? Whatever happens, I think we can all agree we don't need a repeat of this.