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Golden Nugz 4.14.11- Tubby REALLY wants that practice facility, Gopher baseball loss, and the new Purdue Pete sure didn't last long

Not much in the world of Gopher news today other than Tubby Smith talkin' bout practice. Well, a practice facility, to be exact. He gave an extensive interview with the local media, and while his focus was apparently supposed to be on the team's future, guess what Tubby ended up focusing on? You guessed it, it's Tubby's continued desire for a practice facility. Look, I don't doubt the Gophers could use a better basketball facility, but after the season Gopher basketball just had...and THAT's what he wants to focus on?

Gopher baseball lost 8-3 to St Thomas yesterday. Isn't it about time for the Tommies to move up to at least D2? Pretty sure they can afford it, and their athletic programs appear plenty good enough.

Not a new angle for Gopher fans, but E!SPN Big Ten blogger Adam Rittenberg talks about Jerry Kill's focus on accountability.

The Strib's Michael Rand wonders if Minnesota could have all seven of their big sport teams miss the playoffs. What a time to be a Minnesota sports fan- well unless you're in Duluth.

Proving that the fans' voice does still matter in college sports (at least a little bit), Purdue is bringing back their old mascot just days after debuting a new one. They were both named Pete, but Boilermaker fans' reaction to the new Pete that was unveiled on Saturday was so strong, and with such a backlash, they're quickly bringing back the old one. Does this give us any hope the Big Ten will listen and rename the football divisions? I hope so.

Notre Dame was down to just two Big Ten opponents on their 2014 and 2018 schedule, but looks like they've found a replacement in Northwestern.