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Golden Nugz 4.6.11- Gopher football practice notes, a painful reminder the Gophers are NOT in the Frozen Four, and the 'Tubby Smith Watch' is officially over

The Strib's Phil Miller has a few stories from yesterday's Gopher football spring practice, including a 'special' freshman who has impressed head coach Jerry Kill. He also talks to the leading candidate (at least as of right now) for the backup QB job to Q. He has some more practice notes in his blog, too, where a big focus was on the running game.

The PP's Marcus Fuller focuses on the guy who I think might be the Gophers most important defender this season. And if it's not him, it might be Kim Royston, who is trying to shed some rust this spring after a year away from football because of a broken leg.

FBT has Four to Watch in 2013, and takes a look at the recently released financial statements for 2009-10 Gopher athletics.

With the Frozen Four this weekend in St Paul, the Strib looks back at the 2001-02 Gopher national title team. Seems like forever ago, doesn't it? Remember that? When the Gophers used to expect to get to the Frozen Four every year? Now we're just supposed to hope to make the Final Five, and if it doesn't happen then oh well. Not like this is supposed to be the premiere program in college hockey or anything.

Roman has a ton of Frozen Four related items in his Goal Gopher blog.

Myron talks about a pair of athletic juco recruits coming to Minnesota this weekend.

You can take us off of alert level red, and bring Gopher hoops down from Defcon 5: the Tubby Smith watch is over for another season.