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Golden Nugz - 05.11.11

Corn Nation has their Big Ten Countdown going and today is #51 which represents the number of times the Gophers and Huskers have played. 51 matchups are more than Ohio State, Michigan State and Penn State. We know this and are looking forward to a renewed rivalry, especially if we can ever make it competitive.

Minnesota leads the series 29-20-2. At one time they led 29-6-2 until Nebraska put together its current 14-game series winning streak. So what where the early games like? Well, the first game in the series earned a footnote in the McCook Tribune. Apparently we (or someone on our team) was called the "Grophers" while Minnesota was known as the "Millers". It's interesting to see football as foot-ball and how the author makes it sound like a Shakespearean play with "heroic fights" and "tragic scores". They had 15 pounds per man on us? So in 1900, does that mean that their center was like 190 lbs?

CN has some really old article clippings. Unfortunately we have been outscored 0-104 in the last two games, hopefully we can make a better showing this fall.