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Golden Nugz 05.23.11

El Sid is unusually negative.

Brad Childress of the Vikings, Tim Brewster with the Gophers football team and Todd Richards of the Wild are already gone. And there is every reason to believe Kurt Rambis won't be back to coach the Wolves for the 2011-2012 season.

Furthermore, there is no reason to be optimistic about the Wild, Wolves, Vikings and the Gophers football, basketball and hockey teams making big improvements in their records next season.

But that isn't the only reason I'm linking to him. I thought the quotes from Minnetonka's head football coach, Dave Nelson were interesting.

Dave Nelson, the outstanding Minnetonka football coach, was asked his impression of Kill. "Well, time will tell," Nelson said. "Tim [Brewster] was great to me and I think he had a really good staff, but I think one thing that Coach Kill has is the experience of being a head coach and taking a team through the building process. He's won wherever he's been. With Coach Brewster, he kind of had to learn on the job of being a head coach."

  • Sid was negative and Souhan was kinda positive. What is this world coming to? Souhan sat down with coach Kill and is relaying the love for Gray. I am really looking forward to Gray and Souhan summed it up best..
    Gray may not be dynamic enough to make the Gophers winners this year. He might be dynamic enough, though, to make the Gophers interesting.
    I am looking forward to watching him under center.
  • Edina Historical Society recalls the 50s when Dick Siebert brought his gospel of baseball to the area with one of his regular clinics.
  • Gopher baseball lost two of three from Ohio State and finished the regular season tied with Purdue for 4th place in conference. They will be the #5 seed in the Big Ten Tournament and will play Ohio State, again, on Wednesday.