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Golden Nugz - 05.24.11

Sorry for the lack of content lately. There is just so little going on and the month of May is really a time to recharge and get ready for football season which will be here before you know it. That's my excuse. Buck is working crazy hours, Jeremy lives outstate so he may not even have internet and Jeffrick is so wrapped up in the premier of The Bachelorette that he just can't concentrate on Gopher sports.

The only thing really going on in Gopher Nation is the Big Ten baseball tournament. Your Gophers stumbled to a #5 seed in the six-team tourney. We just lost two of three from Ohio State and we get to face the Buckeyes tomorrow for game 1. Travis at Hammer and Rails previews the tourney.

No team suffered more than Minnesota this year in terms of getting games in. The collapse of the Metrodome erased their unique home field advantage, making them play all conference games at Target Field and the remainder of midweek home games on campus. Early in the season Minnesota had to move around a number of games that were scheduled for the Dome, meaning they have played significantly fewer contests than most people. They have just 44 games to their credit compared to 54 for Purdue.

They have endured, however, and they are a seasoned team used to turning it on late. They nearly won a regional last season after making a late push for the NCAA bid, so this is a very dangerous team.

The good news is that we have a history of playing our best ball at the end of the year and typically we play well in the B1G Tourney. This field is very balanced and if the Gophers can turn their bats around they stand a chance at earning their 31st NCAA Tournament appearance.

  • Fellow Gopher blogger, FBT is supporting a friend (and fellow Gopher fan) who is battling cancer. You can contribute to his fund here or attend an upcoming event.
  • What the hell? Penn State's basketball coach left Penn State to coach at Navy. I know Penn State isn't a desirable basketball location but it beats any Patriot League job eight days a week. The two biggest shockers in this is that DeChellis is a Penn State alumn! And Navy isn't a mid-major job, it is a LOW-major job. Reaction recap at Black Shoes Diaries. I may have an entire post on this one as it fascinates me.
  • SBN Minnesota takes a look at Minnesota sports Icons.