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Golden Nugz - 05.31.11...Jim Tressel Resigns and Tim Brewster Speaks

You think you know a guy...then you find out he was not nearly as full of integrity as you once thought and he is destroying your favorite college sports team. No I'm not talking about Clem Haskins, I'm talking about Jim Tressel. Both arrogant men who thought they had total control, when in fact they were barely hanging on.

Tressel and Ohio State only gave ground grudgingly, only when cornered, only when damage control was the last available option.

But this was more than just a problem with the head coach. It obviously extends to the athletic department and beyond. How could this happen at THE Ohio State University?

Ohio State needed to fire its icon coach as unflinchingly as it fired its only bigger icon coach, Woody Hayes, when he besmirched the school's reputation. If The Ohio State University was going to live up to its grand self-image, it needed to do the right thing.

This really shakes things up in the Big Ten. If only we were in position to take advantage of it.

  • Tim Brewster also broke his silence a little bit. He was talking to some high school coaches/players in South Florida. He had this to say...
    "I poured my heart and soul into that situation in Minnesota and I was disappointed with how it ended. But I’m a positive guy and you’re not going to keep me down long. … It’s been a really great spring being around these high school kids and just appreciating the game again.
    This really isn't that impressive of a comment, but he just hasn't said anything for months so I guess it is big news.
  • Phil Steele announced his pre-season All-Big Ten teams. Troy Stoudermire was a first team punt returner. Da'Jon McKnight and Gary Tinsley earned third team honors.
  • Gopher Baseball made a valiant effort but fell short in the Big Ten Tournament. After eliminating Penn State, Ohio State and Purdue they were gave up a lead and were eliminated by Michigan State.
  • Elliott Eliason was interviewed by the Omaha World Herald.
  • Gopher pitcher, Luke Rasmussen gave the introductions before that final Michigan State and it was about all the announcers could talk about for the next nine innings. It is pretty funny...