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Golden Nugz 5.4.11- Ralph Sampson gets serious about the draft

We actually have enough links for a Nugz today! I know, another reason to rejoice on a Wednesday... the others? I'll let you provide your own.

Ralph Sampson III appears serious about a career in the NBA. Since his surprising announcement to declare for the NBA draft last week (I'm not even sure he was on the CBA draft's radar let alone the NBA...wait is there still a CBA? The NBDL? What's the one the Bismarck Wizards play in? Do they still exist? Whatever, Bismarck used to have a team when I lived in North Dakota) he's hired Michael Jordan's old trainer Tim Grover, who has made a name (and I'm sure a lot of money) for himself as THE guy for workouts if you want to get drafted in the NBA. If Grover can get RS3 drafted, he should just run for President, since it would be clear he can do the impossible: balance budgets? Win the War on Terror? Heal the sick? Create world peace? If Grover could get RS3 drafted, he could do anything.

Gopher baseball lost 5-2 to NDSU. Doesn't feel any better to lose to the Bison in baseball than in football.

Four Minnesotans have been invited to the NHL Scouting Combine in Toronto, and two of them are committed to the Gophers. Seth Ambroz is a big, physical forward (6'2 211) who Don Lucia has already said should crack his top 6 forwards for the upcoming season, while defenseman Mike Reilly of hockey factory Shattuck's is still a junior. The Don's son, Mario, is also going, as is Holy Angels center Joe Labate, who as a Wisconsin commit is obviously a huge, huge traitor.

Adam Rittenberg has the Minnesota spring wrap.

FBT gives his Rah'Crootin Update.

The MN Daily profiles Gopher All-American runner Hassan Mead.

Gopher golf story? Coming right up! Men's tennis story? Done and done.