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Golden Nugz - 06.15.11

If any of you take the time to peruse other SBN blogs, you may have seen that the entire NCAA network has decided to realign all of the conferences. This is looking to be kind of a fun project. We have identified six "conference commissioners" one from each of the current BCS conferences. These commissioners will be responsible for drafting schools to start their own conferences. Once a school is drafted then those two blogs will confer to determine a draft strategy and then collectively they will draft that league's second school.

The goal is not to redraft the Big Ten. In fact the goal is to completely ignore geography and to redraft based on whatever you want as your preferred strategy. Maybe you want a league with the hottest cheerleaders. Maybe they want a basketball powerhouse that would dominate the current Big East. It could be any number of things, but the point is redraft and have some fun with it.

Other blogs have really taken off with this and you can read their intro to the SBN undertaking.

This should be a fun endeavor and it will be interesting to see where Minnesota falls in the draft. Certainly not a top round pick but we may end up being a late round S.O.D.!