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Golden Nugz - 06.02.11

MarQueis Gray is an intriguing person, at least according to and their list of college football's 100 most influential players. Gray lands at #58, just ahead of Michael Floyd.

Still, it's hard not to be tantalized by Gray's prospects as a quarterback. He has the size (6'4" and a strong 230) to play under center at the next level, his arm strength is legitimate, and he's plenty fast. All in all, he has such physical skills that Brewster had to get him on the field one way or another, and that's how his first two years played out at receiver. But at some point, someone with Gray's potential has to turn "on the field one way or another" into "on the field and leading his team,"

This may not seem like a big deal, but a year ago we maybe wouldn't have had a player in the top 100 of the Big Ten.

  • Glen Mason talks about the resignation of Tressel and shares his recollection of being on staff when Woody Hayes was fired.
  • A new Gopher Footbal Webisode is out. Check it out here.
  • And Football takes note of the webisodes and their affect on the fan base. Miami is also producing similar productions and overall they too have been a resounding success. (HT to FBT for the FBScoop link).
  • This is a few days old but Sid had a few Gopher nuggets in this column. Most notably, Gopher basketball is expected to announce a home-and-home series with a Pac-10 opponent beginning this year. I really like to see a BCS opponent on the schedule besides the ACC/B1G Challenge and any team we may face in a holiday tournament. I would bet you can eliminate Cal or Oregon because of former Gophers on their rosters. My money is on USC or Oregon St, who we have contracts with for football.