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Golden Nugz - 06.27.11

While discussing next year's NCAA landscape following the NBA Draft, Andy Katz has some nice things to say about Minnesota basketball next season.

Two teams that weren't in the NCAA tournament that will be interesting to watch will be Mississippi State and Minnesota.

Minnesota's Trevor Mbakwe and Rodney Williams have always been on the draft radar due to their athleticism. Toss in the potential that Ralph Sampson III has always had, and the Gophers have three talents who should make this team better after a disappointing season.

When you watch the team as closely as we do, it is hard to get too excited about the prospects of Rodney Williams and Ralph Sampson III. I am excited about next year but it is more about the potential of Andre Hollins, Joe Coleman and Julian Welch. Marked improvement from Rodney might be the biggest key to a very successful season but I think we all know what we are getting with Ralph.