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Golden Nugz - 06.29.11

There are a lot of worthy links today so let us dive right in.

I'll lead with Phil Miller's latest entry where he covers the tour of the Gopher's new facilities and talks about improved academics.

"Our overall GPA for this semester was 2.87, and that's tremendously better than it was," Kill said. "But we still have issues and battles that we've got to take care of."

Academics were a serious problem when he was hired, Kill has said, because with no permanent coaching staff on board, grades slid during the fall semester. The transition to a new staff, and its hit-the-books emphasis, figured to lead to at least a minor exodus of players, not unusual for a coaching change.

But with preseason camp less than six weeks away, the Gophers have lost only four players, for various reasons: defensive end Jewhan Edwards, tight end Tiree Eure, running back DeLeon Eskridge and wide receiver Bryant Allen.

I am actually surprised that we have not had more players leave the program.

You should absolutely click on the link to see video of the new football practice facilities. I don't see the "Pound The Rock" sign anywhere. I wonder where it went?