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Minnesota High School Football Recruits

Minnesota_football_medium2012 is a very strong year for D1 football prospects out of the state of Minnesota. The past couple classes have had a few very good prospects coming out of our state but combination and depth and quality has been lacking. On paper, before a snap of college football is ever played by these kids, this appears to be one of the strongest classes since recruiting services have been ranking kids out of high school.

There obviously have been some very good players out of Minnesota in recent years who have gone to high profile programs. Seantrel Henderson and Michael Floyd come to mind very quickly. Jimmy Gjere, Tommy Olson and even Sam Maresh were highly ranked kids who chose to stay home. But this year appears to be a little different as it has some talented kids at the top of the list and then several kids also on the list who are going to be highly sought after commodities. A total of 13 Minnesota high school athletes received D1 football scholarships last year, 9 of them were at a BCS caliber school. This year could see that number of D1 scholarships double and we may see 15+ kids get a BCS scholarship.

Below is the list of 30+ names in the Rivals database, many of whom will receive BCS level scholarship offers. To say that the list is in no particular order would not exactly be true but the list is not any sort of actual attempt to rank in a specific order. At the top are the only three guys to receive an early star in Rival's ranking system. After that it is a minimal attempt to put players in a sort order based on their actual offers or schools interested. I know some will yell at me asking how on earth I could rank Lucas Wiborg over Michael Roane or Maxx Williams belongs ahead of Will Johnson. You may be correct but I'm telling you now that this is intended to be a general guide, not a specific ranking. This list is for your own enjoyment and to be used as a reference.

Name High School Pos Stars Height Weight 40 time BCS Offers (interested schools)
Andre McDonald Hopkins WR 6'3" 200 4.5 committed MINNESOTA Iowa, Ill and AZ also offered. Great get for Kill
Nick Davidson Eden Prairie OL 6'7" 270 -- Minn, Clem, UNC, NC St, Duke, Marylnd, SCar, Stan, VTech, WVU recently moved to Minn from North Carolina, father is a Vikings coach
Jonah Pirsig Blue Earth OL 6'9" 300 -- Minn, Aub, OSU, Mich, Iowa, Wis, Ill, Ind, MSU highly recruited and the perception is Persig will earn a 4th star.
Isaac Hayes St. Thomas Academy OL (ESPN) 6'3" 270 -- Minn, Boise, OreSt, VTech, mid majors (Bama, Ark, Aub, LSU, MSU, NU, Stan, others) ESPN 4-star, ranked 116th. Smart kid looking at engineering, brother played at Stanford.
Philip Nelson Mankato West QB (ESPN)
6'2" 212 4.6 committed MINNESOTA nearly 2,500 yards passing in JR season
Will Johnson Osseo TE (ESPN)
6'7" 245 4.8 Minn, Aub, BC, Miss, ISU (Iowa, Neb, Wis) good offer list, not sure about Minnesota's chances considering we've already got commitment from a TE
Charles Webb Minnetonka DB (ESPN) 5'10" 174 4.6 Toledo (Minn, MSU, Wis, Iowa, Syr, Tenn)
Maxx Williams Waconia TE
6'3" 210 -- committed MINNESOTA
Nick Rallis Edina DB (ESPN) 6'0" 200 -- none (Minn, Wis) brother of Mike Rallis and decommitted from Minn
Jonathan Harden Cretin-Derham Hall DT (ESPN) 6'0" 300 -- North Dakota (Minn, Iowa, PSU, Wis, KU, mids)
Karmichael Dunbar Prior Lake DT 6'2" 290 -- none (Minn, LSU, Iowa, Stan, Wash, Wis) father is Vikings Ast Coach
Joe Mollberg Detroit Lakes QB (ESPN) 6'2" 210 -- UND, NDSU, SDSU (Minn, Iowa, MSU, Neb, Wis)
Antonio Ford Coon Rapids RB 5'9" 208 4.5 none (Minn, MSU, ISU, Mizz, OK St, NDSU) injured early in JR year, looking to earn big offers
Adam Bungum Dodge Center (Triton) ATH 6'2" 180 4.6 none (Minn, Iowa, ISU, MSU, Wis, mid majors) outstate athlete at a good but smaller football program
Drake Michaelson Eden Prairie LB 6'1" 205 4.6 none (Minn, Iowa, Wis, Ivy schools and others) working hard at several camps to earn offers, intelligent kid
Tavaughn Blair Hopkins DB 5'10" 175 -- none (Minn, Iowa, ISU, NDSU) knee injury early in JR season
Kevin Carroll Edina OL 6'3" 265 5 UNI (Minn, Ill, MSU, VTech, UCF) father played for Vikings, brother plays at VTech
Ryan Dahl Holy Family OL 6'9" 285 -- none (Minn, Iowa, ISU, MSU, NU, OSU, Stan, Wis)
Stefan Sauer Rosemount OC 6'3" 275 5.7 none (Minn, Neb, Wis, ISU, UNI)
Sam Lee Blue Earth OL 6'5" 300 -- none (Minn, Wis, Iowa) Pirsig's teammate
Mitch Leidner Lakeville QB 6'4" 220 4.9 none (Minn, Iowa, UAF)
Lucas Wiborg De La Salle OL 6'4" 270 5.2 none (Minn, BC, NDSU)
D.J. Hebert Osseo ATH 6'2" 185 4.6 NDSU, UNI, SDSU (Minn, Mich, NIU)
Chase Roullier Burnsville OG (ESPN) 6'4" 272 5.1 Toledo, UNI
Michael Roane Holy Family DB 6'2" 185 -- none (Minn, Wis, UND, UAF)
Kendrik Brewster Cretin-Derham Hall RB 5'11" 178 -- none (Minn, Wis)
Taylor Montero Cretin-Derham Hall TE 6'4" 215 -- none (Minn, Wis) good basketball player
Nate Howard Cretin-Derham Hall LB 5'11" 165 -- none (Minn)
Shawn Willis St. Louis Park OLB 5'10" 190 -- none (Missouri)
Kasey Robinson Breck WR 5'9" 160 -- none (Wis)
David Simmet Hill Murray OL 6'9" 340 -- none (Wis)
Bryson Johnson Champlin Park OL 6'2" 285 -- none (Wis)
Andrew Larson Eden Prairie RB 5'11" 194 4.5 Harvard, NDSU, SDSU
attended ISU camp and Minn next week
Brett Pierce Holy Angels DE 6'6" 250 -- North Dakota, South Dakota
Taj Rich Robbinsdale LB 6'2" 210 -- North Dakota
Emeche Wells Roseville WR 6'3" 195 -- none

A lot of those names are guys that have received letters or some form of mild interest from the Gophers or other schools, but in the end they will end up playing D2 ball. We will know a lot more in the next few weeks as these kids are attending camp after camp trying to earn a scholarship offer from the Gophers and other schools.

Recruiting updates are coming fast and furious. There have been several changes just since I started putting this post together. I'll do my best to try and keep this updated but at any given moment it will be behind.