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Golden Nugz - 07.19.11 - afternoon edition

Not to pile on top of Jeffrick's fine post about the best of the few Gopher wins over the past 11 seasons. But we have not done a good Nugz in a while and there happens to be a feature SI article on Jerry Kill and our Minnesota Golden Gophers. The first interesting piece that jumped out at me was how author, Bill Carey discussed Joel Maturi's first and second candidates.

The fan base also knows Kill wasn't the first choice for the job. Athletic director Joel Maturi publicly announced the program's search for a big-name hire -- the football equivalent of the basketball team landing Tubby Smith in 2007. After alumnus Tony Dungy turned Maturi down, the job was offered to Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez. Additional rumors floated, and Kill's eventual installment left some fans disappointed.

He is stating this as though it is absolute fact. Maybe he did his homework and it is, or maybe I don't recall that this was confirmed. I think everyone knew it was offered verbally to Dungy, but was it really offered to Alvarez?

Coming off a 3-9 season, the players need to continue making progress this summer. They must avoid falling into old habits, regressing when away from Kill's watchful eye. "The key is what they do when they're not around you," Kill said. "Are they going to do all the things it takes to win?"

I believe that he knows what he is doing. He will win here, just not sure how long it will take.