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Golden Nugz - 07.25.11 - The NFL Lockout is Over

To be honest part of me is disappointed, I was kind of hoping for NCAA Football to get center stage for a month or so. Then Vikings fans would start to see that Gopher Football is a team worth watching (insert joke about them really not being worth watching here) and the realize that the NFL is a bunch of millionaire babies. But the rest of me loves the Vikings and watching the free agency frenzy should be interesting to say the least.

A little TDG news before I get into some Nugz. It is no secret that the content has been really light the last couple months. It is also no secret that this is basically a volunteer organization and those of us writing here have lives. Whether it be busy work schedules, prioritizing family, vacation, a broken laptop or just needing a break before the season; you are subject to these excuses. I do have a MarQueis Gray interview taped, my challenge is transcribing the entire thing and then trying to put it into a story, I am working on it but it is coming. We are also starting to get going on some positional previews and a look at the schedule a bit more. So content is coming, we are just kind of slow right now.

  • Here is a very good article on how the Big Ten was divided into two. This piece deals with recognizing the power of Ohio State and Michigan, and everything else falls into place after that.
  • Don Lucia and Joel Maturi want to maintain the in-state hockey rivalries. The idea of an all-Minnesota team tournament every year sounds like a great one to me. Fortunately we have some quality programs within driving distance which means increased strength of schedule and a smaller travel budget. Win-win, if we win.
  • Longtime Gopher Wrestling assistant coach, Joe Russell, is leaving the program to take the head job at George Mason.
  • The Green Bay Press Gazette has a feature on an incoming freshman, preferred walk-on, punter. Peter Mortell may eventually be your Gopher punter. And yes it is a officially a slow newsday when you are linking to an article on a preferred, walk-on, freshman punter.