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EA Sports NCAA 12 Minnesota Rosters and Player Ratings

I am sure that some of you are rather excited about the release of EA Sports NCAA 12 on Tuesday. EA has had their teambuilder site available for a while now with each team's rosters. I took the time to go player-by-player and fill in the names so we have a complete Gopher roster. My team can be viewed here with the rosters and each player rating below.

The table, with plenty of comments and caveats (or where EA screwed up) below...

Pos # Player Name Rating Pos # Player Name Rating
QB 5 MarQueis Gray 78 LE 97 Anthony Jacobs 79
QB 16 Tom Parish 65 LE 91 Kendall Gregory-McGhee 67
QB 10 Max Shortell 61 RE 49 Matt Garin 74
QB 13 J.D. Pride 57 RE 95 D.L. Wilhite 72
RB 23 DeLeon Eskridege 83 RE 93 Ben Perry 58
RB 22 Duane Bennett 79 DT 68 Jewhan Edwards 79
RB 20 Donnell Kirkwood 66 DT 96 Brandon Kirksey 78
RB 29 Lamonte Edwards 62 DT 90 Austin Hahn 71
RB 25 Devron Wright 59 DT 65 Eric Jacques 67
FB 44 Ed Cotton 66 DT 98 Ra'Shede Hageman 65
FB 87 Sahr Ngekia 56 DT 56 Josh Tauaefa 56
WR 6 Da'Jon McKnight 83 LOLB 26 Mike Rallis 78
WR 81 Xzavian Brandon 78 LOLB 43 Ryan Grant 73
WR 84 Victor Keise 71 LOLB 50 Jephete Matilus 60
WR 89 Quentin Gardener 61 MLB 51 Gary Tinsley 88
WR 88 Devin Crawford-Tufts 65 MLB 55 Brendan Beal 66
WR 83 Ge'Shun Harris 68 MLB 57 Quinn Bauducco 62
WR 1 Brandon Green 67 ROLB 4 Keanon Cooper 83
WR 82 AJ Barker 68 ROLB 8 Spencer Reeves 74
TE 85 Eric Lair 81 CB 11 Troy Stoudermire 78
TE 86 Collin McGarrry 65 CB 14 Kyle Henderson 78
TE 47 John Rabe 58 CB 21 Brock Vereen 71
LT 58 Ed Olson 74 CB 5 Johnny Johnson 63
LT 66 Jimmy Gjere 69 CB 36 Chase Haviland 58
LT 71 Joe Bjorklund 67 CB 35 Marcus Jones 51
LG 68 Chris Bunders 83 FS 9 Christyn Lewis 76
LG 77 Matt Eggen 65 FS 6 Michael Carter 71
LG 61 Luke McAvoy 60 FS 7 Tyrone Bouie 56
C 69 Jacob Glickstein 78 SS 24 James Manuel 73
C 52 Zac Epping 64 SS 40 Nathan Tow-Arnett 62
RG 78 Ryan Orton 74
RG 79 Johnathan Ragoo 64 K 43 David Schwermer 68
RG 67 Tommy Olson 61 P 41 Dan Orseske 74
RT 60 Ryan Wynn 73
RT 75 Brooks Michel 68
RT 74 Foster Bush 61

Gopher official roster (for reference)

  • MarQueis Gray's speed is rated a 90 so he should be able to net you a lot of yards on the ground. Send your receivers on fly routes and if the defense is in man coverage you should be able to get 20+ yards!
  • The offense has four players with a rating above 80. DeLeon Eskridge, Da'Jon McKnight and Chris Bunders have a rating of 83. Eric Lair is rated at 81.
  • Joe Bjorklund (67) and Devin Crawford-Tufts (65) are the two highest rated incoming freshmen on the offense.
  • Maybe the most surprising is that Moses Alipate does not appear to be on the EA roster anywhere. The other guys were pretty obvious and the only sophomore QB on the EA roster was a 6-0, 190 lb scrambling QB. Maybe they were referring to Alipate but I'm pretty sure that was meant to be J.D. Pride.
  • Jacob Glickstein is starting at center? The problem is Ryan Wynn is listed as the starting RT. He should obviously move to the interior and Jimmy Gjere should move from backing up Olson at LT over to RT.
  • Johnathan Ragoo at guard is kind of funny too.
  • Xzavian Brandon is the #2 recevier? I would have assumed that Brandon Green would have earned that distinction but according to the EA roster #1 is 6-0, 190 lbs and that corresponds to Brandon Green according to the Gopher roster. I guess this makes some sense considering Green was injured last year. They also screwed up his eligibility making him a senior rather than a junior but it isn't surprising that there are some outliers.
  • Lastly, there are a number of guys who are listed as sophomores who really should be redshirt freshmen. Matt Eggen, Tom Parish, Donnell Kirkwood and others on both sides of the ball.

Gopher official roster (for reference)

  • The big story with the defense is people missing. No Dwayne Mitchell, no Brent Singleton, no Stephen Montgomery, no Aaron Hill, no Harold Legania, no Leston Simpson and no Kenny Watkins.
  • Gary Tinsley (88) and Keanon Cooper (83) are the best defensive players on the roster.
  • Michael Carter as safety is wrong but I think having the expectation that someone at EA knows exactly where every DB plays on the Gopher roster is a bit much to ask.
  • Quinn Bauducco is the highest rated defensive freshman with a rating of 62.
  • other than that the defense wasn't too bad.

Fun to have the player ratings available, but I'm really looking forward to getting the game in my hands on Tuesday.