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Golden Nugz - 8.23.11

Like Mike Tyson in "The Hangover," I can feel it coming in the air. 11 days to Gopher Football, you guys!

-Hey, a new Gopher site has hit the blososphere. Still Got Hope? This promises to have shades of early Down With Goldy, which I'm sure you'll agree, is awesome!

-Chipper's got a nice piece on D.L. Wilhite, a guy who is putting a free college education to good use.

-Interesting stuff from Dennis Dodd at CBS Sports on why not all of the players, including Purdue's Robert Marve, who were implicated in the Miami Hurricanes scandal will be suspended.

-Speaking of the Miami scandal, this is absolutely priceless.

-The Stillwater Patch interviews local boy Collin McGarry. McGarry was recruited by Glen Mason, coached by Tim Brewster, and is now experiencing the Jerry Kill era. Of Kill, McGarry says "I like the energy he brings. It's a definite change and a step in the right direction." We like to too, Collin. We like it too.

-Former Gopher (and former Rochester John Marshall Rocket) Marcus Sherels is working hard to make the Vikings roster. You can't actually read the entire article though because the Post-Bulletin is full of print-edition fascists.

-Because Tim Brewster is gone, it probably won't happen, but heaven help us all if things ever get to this point with our Gopher Football program.

Happy Tuesday folks!