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Get Your New SB Nation iPhone App...TODAY - the rest of the Nugz for 08.25.11

The-daily-gopher_mediumThe SBN Tech team has been feverishly working on an SBN iPhone app and it is finally available. You can do all sorts of cool things now from your iPhone/iPod/iPad

  • You can get the latest, breaking sports news as it happens.
  • Customize your news with your favorite teams, sports and blogs (including The Daily Gopher, duh)
  • Get notified of updates to the stories you choose to follow on, regional sites and individual blogs (like The Daily Gopher, duh)
  • Read and reply to comments.

Now you rubes who attend the Gopher games and previously have not participated in the open threads can participate from your seat at TCF Bank Stadium. Down load it today!