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Golden Nugz - 8.26.11

A week from today the college football season will have already started as there are an absolutely RIDICULOUS 15 GAMES next Thursday night... 8 of those games actually feature a BCS team, and one of them will even matter to those of us in the B1G, as Wisconsin will face UNLV.

For being just a week away from real football games, it's actually kind of a slow links day. It's almost as if without OSU and Miami scandals, nobody knows what to do with themselves.

-To start with, I know this isn't Gopher related, but if you're a Twins fan and you hadn't yet given up on this season, go ahead and so do now. That faint sound you hear? That's Bill Smith throwing in the towel... 6 weeks late.

-Optimism abounds! Can't believe I missed this earlier in the week, but TheBigTenFootballDude ranks the Gophers... not 12th, not 11th, and not even 10th in his Power Rankings, but 9th!!!!! CAN. YOU. DIG. IT!?!?!?!

-I had no idea that "clowning" lead to Da'Jon McKnight playing football, and truthfully, I don't care. I just hope the skills that got him noticed by his high school football coaches are on display this fall.

-Consider yourself a bettin' man? Consider this a primer.

-USC still has some position battles playing out during their fall practices before facing the Gophers next week.

-This "discussion" is entertaining, and perhaps maddening.

With this being the last weekend without college football that we'll have to endure for awhile, those of you that are single out there might want to keep this in mind...